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Challenge in the examples

Perhaps if the site wants to start from somewhere, there is no better starting point than the challenge. In any case, everyday people find themselves in their own family, community, or global community with examples of which their fairness or unfairness is a matter of serious questions.The significance of this is in several respects: firstly, many scholars acknowledge that justice is rooted in the nature of human beings, so every human being with pure nature can be able to comment on instances of justice.Secondly, according to Shi'i theologians, justice is discussed in discussions of rational goodness, that is, if human beings are pure from pollution and prejudices, they will be able to consider fairness as an example.Thirdly, in spite of sympathy in the examples, it can be induced over time and with the divine success of the knot of justice. According to these materials, from now on the site will issue a case or issue for each term and will give its fairness or unfairness to the opinions of the friends and the opinions of the readers of their discretion.Anyone can say about a specific case that is fair or unfair and then his reasons. Audiences will be able to express their opinions in their own way of what issues go under review.
MohammadReza ArmanMehr
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