وکیل جرایم سایبری

آرمان عدالت

An Attitude to Judicial Justice

If there is no "judicial justice", and society does not have a healthy legal system, capitalists, and self-interested  penetrate everywhere, They pay the "right to righteousness" and buy those who must buy and burn the root of "right" and "installment" and "justice" from Bin. And trample the rights of the various rightsholders (in the opportunities they can have, and with the relationships that they can - even with the authorities). And the flow of affairs is always in the interest of their own, and they endanger the beliefs of the people in Islam, and lead to the seclusion of the religion of God on the path to their property and manners. ..Without a healthy legal system (judicial authorities ... and a variety of verdicts and proceedings, and the settlement of visits to people), there is no hope of approaching the threshold of a "Quranic society", let alone more and more claims. ..It is hoped that young people (young people with little knowledge of Islamic texts), ... and disgruntled ones who have not come to their own right, hold their beliefs, and take account of the religion of God (wherever according to God's religion, and advocacy From capitalists, financial criminals, and economic opportunities), to separate from people and practices; that faith in the religion of justice is the greatest everlasting human capital, ... (al-Hayat / Compilation of Hakimi, translation of Ahmad Aram, 5, pp. 486-485).It is noted that in some cases radical revolutionary attitudes have been presented in the field of justice, the attitudes that show that justice, as the highest goal of divine religions, has its own predecessors, if justice is to be dealt with by such an approach, will be able to stimulate Great for the uprising of nations and the excellence of humanity.