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آرمان عدالت

A Review of Challenge in Examples (1): Heritage Kingdom

In the following, the study of the injustice of hereditary kingdoms can be explained by the preceding reasons:
5. For some capitalist economists, the administration of the country needs a minimum government. Hereditary kingdoms in some way increase the size of governments and prevent the community from realizing justice.
6. These types of government not only do not seek benefits, but also impose high economic and non-economic costs on society. That is, in favor of a particular class and family, and at the expense of the maximum community.
Interestingly, in the present time, alongside people like Saudi Arabia, people in countries such as England and Spain are saddened by this kind of (albeit rigorous) rule, the royal family spending has also been voiced by the people of the country in the Spanish crisis.These types of governments are intrinsic to meritocracy.