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Challenge in Examples (1): Heritage Kingdom

Among the examples that may be unequivocal is evident, the kingdoms are hereditary. Perhaps, in the present age, there is no doubt about the unfairness of these governments. Certainly, some may have been examples of kings of history that have been successful and have had tremendous effects, but in any case, among the most important examples of unfairness, this type Governments, according to the famous saying:I assume your father was wise, this is what you have for you.

It is strange that, in the present day, these types of governments are seen in advanced countries such as the United Kingdom, but in any case, any goal from these governments (even its kind of ceremoniality) does not justify injustice. Injustice is the red line of human life, but the reasons for this injustice are clear:

1. Failure to observe human rights (if we consider the criterion of justice as equivalence).

2. Failure to observe human equality (if we consider the criterion of justice as entitlements).

3. Not increasing the total social utility (if we define justice to increase the utility of the community).

4. Not maximizing the minimum of society (if we consider Rawls's definition of justice).

These were obvious reasons that came to the mind of the author of the site. First, readers can provide other reasons, as well as suggest topics for consideration in the coming weeks.