آرمان عدالت

Approach to the division of justice

There are many comments on the division of justice. Justice is divided into credible divine and non-divine justice, each of which has its own divisions.

1. Divine justice is divided into three types of developmental, secular, and criminal justice.The developmental justice is that God gives to every being as much as deserves, beings and talents.The lawfulness of justice is that God, by means of his prophets and his followers, provides the means of perfection of human beings in the world and the future, and does not command them to be unacceptable, and do not deny them their happiness, therefore, justice Is in the chain of causes of the precepts.The righteousness of the God is to reward anyone against his good deeds and to punish his evil deed.

2. Non-divine justice is divided into two categories of individual and collective justice.

2.1.Individual justice is divided into two categories of jurisprudential and moral justice (practical wisdom). That jurisprudential justice is extracted by the jurisprudents from the infallible traditions. There are also many differences about moral justice.

2.2.Collective justice is in three forms: administrative, economic and judicial justice. Administrative justice focuses on justice in the administration of community affairs, and that there should be no discrimination in the administration of society between individuals who have the same qualities and traits, but with everyone in equal privileges such as enjoying equal pay.Economic justice means achieving a fair standard in the distribution of resources, incomes and wealth of society. And in the special sense of fair dealing, it means that in equitable transactions in a society, such as the proportion of wages with the work done in an industry.And finally, judicial justice means that due to the equality of human rights of people of the community, one should not be subjected to arbitrary righteousness (Mousavi Gorgani, 1997: 270-274).

Of course, this is an approach, and another person may be split up. Whatever the division of the subject, such as justice, is more coherent, more useful and more systematic discussions will be pursued.

Dr. Mohammadreza Armanmehr