آرمان عدالت

?Is justice a mystery

The puzzle is a question that must be solved with the power of thought and with respect to other symbols, Usually the puzzle is ultimately solvable, but different people from different aspects offer answers, although it may be solved in several different ways, but usually there is one best way.The reason that justice seems to be a mystery is that throughout history, many scholars have been theoreticians in this field, from religious scholars to scholars of other disciplines, from Plato and Aristotle to Rawls and Sen... Interestingly, there have been different attitudes in different disciplines of the humanities. So justice is a puzzle and maybe we can say one of the biggest puzzles.
According to the writer, the riddle of justice is a simple but difficult puzzle, that is, of the kind of mysteries that when it will be solved, everyone is told how easy it was? In order to solve the riddle of justice, one can first of all use the teachings of revelation, in the next part of the co-thinking of the intellect, and eventually the development will also guide the discovery of the secular justice.
While pursuing justice in all disciplines and trends, the Web is looking specifically at economic justice, in spite of its education, although for the purpose of discovering economic justice, the first node of justice in philosophy should also be opened up, As the discovery of justice in other disciplines will also help to unravel the thrust of economic justice. Thus, all intellects are called for thought and presentation, and it does not constrain any intellectual owner in this field. 
MohammadReza ArmanMehr