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The Book of Justice (1): Rawls-Hakimi

The book "Rawls-Hakimi (Comparative and Critical analysis of Economic Justice Criterions in John Rawls and MohammadReza Hakimi's thought)" by Mohammad Reza ArmanMehr and Scientific editing by Dr. Yadollah Dadgar is published by "Dalilema". This work addresses the comparative analysis of the economic justice criterion in Rawls and Hakim's thought. It is hoped that the study of this book is useful for familiarizing with the ideas of justice in the thought of contemporary thinkers

Book honors include:

A worthy book of appreciation In the fall of 2011

Selected work of the 6th International Festival of Farabi. The book was chosen in the Economics, Management and Accounting Department to be among the 29 selected works of the festival. At Farabi Festival, the main emphasis is on theorizing indicators, solving indigenous issues and focusing on Islamic ideas